The Standard Service £50.00

Once you bring your bicycle to us, we can give the bicycle a once over with you in order to pick up on any issues that may need special attention.  During this process we shall be able to identify any additional parts which may be required to complete the service to the highest caliber.

During the service we shall:

  1. Remove and replace defective parts
  2. Test and realign brakes to maximum efficency
  3. Lubricate brake levers
  4. Test and adjust the gearing system for a smooth change everytime
  5. Clean and lubricate with chain with specialist oil
  6. Checking and tightening of nuts and bolts (pedals, crank, seats)
  7. Wheels checked and tires inflated to optimum
  8. We test ride
  9. You test ride

Extra charges will apply for new parts that need to be fitted, anything that is apparent on the initial inspection we shall notify you of immeadiately.  During the service if any small items are required we shall automatically add and invoice you upon collection.  If any expensive parts are required we shall inform you first prior to fitting.


servicing Sturmey-Archer hubs